Welcome, Let's get to know each other!
— Bella


Why I write Erotica?

Well, like most writers I write a lot of stuff. Erotica is just my passion and it's fun.

Yes, I guess it's supposed to be porn, but have you seen HBO or Game of Thrones. I actually write, like most writers, about people. I'm a people watcher. Sex is just something they do.

I am originally from Germany, from the home of the Brother Grimm. There has always been a facet of    oral story telling in my family.

I specialize in short stories and serial fiction. I have been a writer for   years, and I teach my brand of the short story form. I'll have a class opening soon.

Am I a hotwife? Yep. I've got a stag and everything. Enough said. While I don't DO everything I write about I do write from personal experiances. But those come from everywhere, I mean I used to drive for Lyft, you meet crazy folks all the time.

Where can you find my stuff, Medium.com, Amazon, SubscribeStar.Adult. I float around testing stuff all the time too. Most recently I have started direct sales. More money for me, less pricy for you. And there's support on loading it to your device.

This site is evolving. So book mark me. If you want to join my newsletter, check out my medium blog and subscribe there. I know that's a little cryptic, I'll add a sign up page here soon as well.

So I hope you hang out, check out what I've got and support my work. Thanks for Stopping by and if you have questions drop me a line sometime