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New thing, Old ways

We have a lot of changes, first is, I connected the site to my blog. So your seeing my medium feed. I am going to update the books, there is a new one weekly, and the site colors will change.

Mistaken for a Slut! I was so Flattered!

I was on my way home what this guy made my day, so I repaid the compliment the best way I knew how.

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Finding My Place as My Wife's Sissy Cuck

A confession and a new way of life. The life I always knew I needed.

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The Succubus Went Up to Georgia.

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A Good Cock Almost Gone to Waste.

Young women today, I swear, do they think thick hard cocks grow in trees? And on his birthday of all days, what's a Step mother to do, but…

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Our Sex Now Is About You Serving Me!

You knew this day would come. When who you are, would come in conflict with who you wished you were.

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Best Interview Ever.

I was desperate for a job and would do almost anything. I got my chance.

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Watching Them Play Together, She Looks so Good With a Cock in Her.

My wife and I talked about swinging, hotwifing. I guess she wanted to explore by herself a little first!

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I need a pounding, a life, not a marriage.

He won’t admit it, because he’s to stupid to admit he’s miserable. Time to shoot this horse and make us both happy again.

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Pushing Deep

Spying on my wife by accident, I see something sensational.

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It Started With a Kiss, He didn’t care where my mouth had been.

Two in the morning, the bar is all but closed, and I am tired as hell. It’s been a rough night, mostly blowjobs. I hate nights like that…

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