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Developing short story! Trigger Alert!

Not a story I often write. This one is a evolving cuckold story, with dangerous sex themes, breeding. Have a peak while you wait for some new books to come out (which won't be long)

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Benefits of anal ladies!

No the artical wasn't written by your husband to trick you into taking it in the bum. There are actual health benefits to sex. Not the least of which is keeping hubby or BF from straying. And it make you feel sexy too, which has many benefits in your life. Get the lube, go slow and play. And ladies, play with his ass too :)

If your into it, also check out my book "Unexpected Sensations" and my x-hampster story of the anal theme.

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Need More stimulation?

If you are up for something new, FREE BOOKS always hit the spot. And it so happens I know of a bundle of free books that you can perv on right now. let's do this...

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Whats in store!

I hope you like my new site. I am trying to make my books easier to find and new book anouncments easier to see. Over the next few weeks I will be posting new stories. and other anoutncments here. I'm adding some longer blog articals and relinking the free stories. I have also been doing some free stuff out on x-hamster that will be in the free book catgory below.

Time to stop fucking Around

You think because your trapped at home that your going to get a lot of shit done. Not me. I have been trying to publish this site FOREVER! But it seems all I did was fuck and write shorts. So, here we are! for Better or worse. I'll be enhancing this over the next few weeks.


Click the tag to see the books with that sort of content. Some have more than one.
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